Testimonials - From just some of our valued clients

Dr. Adrienne Brown

Mia is a born healer, of that I am sure: I went to see her in 2011, needing some help with big transitions in my professional life (or so I thought) and some underlying anxiety.  What I found on that first visit was someone who could cut through my defences, pretences and delusions, and who diagnosed the ‘me’ inside; the part that no-one except myself knows about.  She did this with ease, kindness, support and humour – and, despite my shock at the depth of her insight, that visit proved to be a major turning point in my life.  It was not easy: much of what I value in Mia’s counsel is the fact that I am responsible for myself, and that means taking charge of the many habits of thought and belief that are so familiar to me that I thought they were natural and unchangeable.  It is an ongoing process, but two years later I see wonderful changes in me, and I continue to visit her as I value her help so much.  Mia’s gift for healing is far superior to anything I have ever come across; she is a true conduit of direct guidance, healing and understanding.  Much of this is mystery, yet it is a mystery I do not want to solve, but to enjoy its bounty.

Kiera Byrne

There are people in this world who are truly gifted Mia is one of those amazing people.  I can't begin to describe my life changing experiences since going to her she has literally changed my life. Before going to Mia I was in so much pain and extremely over weight, 5 months into my sessions I was pain free and 5 stone lighter; physically I looked amazing and mentally I have never felt so good.
I couldn't begin to name out everything Mia has helped me with there wouldn't be enough paper, but I will say this- MIa thank you so much for all the incredible hard work you put into helping me I know you put every inch of yourself into our sessions, from all you'r incredible help I know I can reach my dream I feel strong enough now to take on whatever comes my way.
The day I really realised what you had actually done for me was one evening I cried so hard while praying to God  to thank him for the angel he had sent me and that angel was you :)!
I feel truly blessed to know you and honoured to have you help me.
I'm eternally grateful to you!!

You are one ina Million
Lots of love Kiera Byrne X


Having suffered debilitating pain in my hips, knees and shoulders for the past two years, I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Trying different medications with no great improvement.  I worried about my medications increasing so I decided to review it all. Taking advice from my sister I decided to look into some acupuncture.  I had never tried anything like that before, I was so pleased to be put in touch with Mia, even after the first session of acupuncture and energy healing with her there was a huge improvement. The swelling in my knees had gone and I had more use in my shoulders than before.  After just a few sessions I began to feel so much better, I now can do all my daily chores that I found so difficult before.  I am pain free and my spirits are completely lifted, I certainly have a new lease of life.  I would highly recommend Mia for her understanding, dedication, her lovely personality and above all her healing. I am so glad I found her.


John Evoy, Waterford

"Mia's healing has helped transform my life; With her help I have overcome many challenges and I now lead a fulfilling and flourishing life. I have regularly referred my friends and family to Mia because I firmly believe that she can help them successfully negotiate the many challenges that life can throw up"

John Evoy, Waterford


I had attended several different professionals over time in relation to my back complaint. However none of them had been able to relieve me of my pain. After some weeks attending Mia, receiving acupuncture and healing, the pain in my back had completely subsided allowing me to move freely again. Without her help I would still be in severe pain.



I found myself feeling a little lost in life! I had become uncertain about every decision I was making. I was afraid that one wrong move would result in a catastrophic domino effect of disaster!! Now this was not a normal sensation for me. I was always strong willed. I knew exactly what I wanted and wasn’t afraid of making decisions or dealing with the consequences.

When I realised how I was feeling, I knew I had to take action and do something about it. That’s when I came to Mia. I had visited Mia some years previously, a friend had recommended her Crystal Healing. To be honest, it was more a visit of curiosity than necessity. However the time had come when I actually needed her assistance.

Mia has helped me in so many ways through a variety of mediums – giving me counsel when I needed direction and somebody to talk to, healing when I needed comfort and support and finally acupuncture to revitalize me and set me on my merry way again!

I cannot recommend Mia highly enough. I have benefitted greatly from her guidance and professional help. She is a woman that I would encourage everybody to attend for whatever little or large ailment or worry they may have. I guarantee you, that you will feel alive and invigorated after each appointment.


A friend of mine recommended Mia to me.  While I was initially quite sceptical of alternative Therapies I booked in for an acupuncture/healing session. Straight away Mia understood exactly what I needed and after just one session I felt  like she made a massive improvement. Mia is a warm, perceptive, affirmative person and I would happily recommend her to anyone.


Mia is an incredibly incredible person.  I first went to her with severe knee problems which were sorted in just a couple of sessions. I then started to go through the whole list of other problems like not sleeping, indigestion, back pain……. All of which she helped me with.  She is extremely talented and gifted at what she does and she has vibrancy about her which makes you feel good just being in her presence. 

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