Mia Fleming - DIP (AC), LIC (China), M.C.O.H.

mia fleming Acupuncture gorey wexfordI have been interested in health and wellbeing since my early teens. My first summer’s job was working as a nurse’s assistant in St James hospital in  Dublin. I was intrigued by the stories of people and their sickness and how some got better and how some didn’t. I felt back then that no matter what was going on with a patient, no matter how nice or not nice they were they all craved kindness. I saw that everyone from the porter to the doctor, to the family had a role to play in a patient’s recovery.

"There are people in this world who are truly gifted Mia is one of those amazing people.  I can't begin to describe my life changing experiences since going to her she has literally changed my life"

I myself saw the impact of how just that little bit of extra attention improved the wellbeing of a patient. One incident that sticks out in my mind was that of a 94 year old lady who was crying uncontrollably one morning when I turned up with her breakfast. She was so distressed about how she had ended up in hospital and how she had no family or friends left and felt totally isolated and alone. I dressed her in a red dress and red cardigan and told her I was going to get someone to write a song about her to show her how special she was and then I was going to have it played on the radio. I told her to listen to the radio and I would get back to her in a couple of hours. I then rang the radio station and asked them to play ‘lady in Red ‘for Annie. When I saw her later she was of course crying but this time it was because she was touched that someone cared. 

This interest in health and wellbeing led me to study with the College of Healing in the UK. Their 3 year Diploma course offers the most comprehensive healing training currently available within the United Kingdom today. This gave me a very good foundation in the understanding of health and wellbeing. After I completed this I studied massage, facial rejuvenation and Chinese Medicine. The latter took me to China where I completed my post graduate training in a government hospital under Dr GU who was head of Neurology. From this experience I received my licence to practice Chinese Medicine.
I travelled the world using what I had learnt and during this time I experienced a lot of good, bad and challenging times but I am grateful for it all as it has given me the wisdom, sensitivity, compassion and objectivity to deal with those I see today. I returned to Ireland in 2006 and since then I have had a full time practice helping people to enrich their lives in all areas of health.

One of areas which I have a lot of success in is physical healing. This includes Back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Knee pain, Migraines, Menstrual problems, Insomnia, IBS and many more.

I am constantly updating my skills and improving my understanding of the body and I believe I will forever be a student…..

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