Testimonials - From just some of our valued clients

Dr. Adrienne Brown

Mia is a born healer, of that I am sure: I went to see her in 2011, needing some help with big transitions in my professional life (or so I thought) and some underlying anxiety.  What I found on that first visit was someone who could cut through my defences, pretences and delusions, and who diagnosed the ‘me’ inside; the part that no-one except myself knows about.  She did this with ease, kindness, support and humour – and, despite my shock at the depth of her insight, that visit proved to be a major turning point in my life.  It was not easy: much of what I value in Mia’s counsel is the fact that I am responsible for myself, and that means taking charge of the many habits of thought and belief that are so familiar to me that I thought they were natural and unchangeable.  It is an ongoing process, but two years later I see wonderful changes in me, and I continue to visit her as I value her help so much.  Mia’s gift for healing is far superior to anything I have ever come across; she is a true conduit of direct guidance, healing and understanding.  Much of this is mystery, yet it is a mystery I do not want to solve, but to enjoy its bounty.

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