Testimonials - From just some of our valued clients


I found myself feeling a little lost in life! I had become uncertain about every decision I was making. I was afraid that one wrong move would result in a catastrophic domino effect of disaster!! Now this was not a normal sensation for me. I was always strong willed. I knew exactly what I wanted and wasn’t afraid of making decisions or dealing with the consequences.

When I realised how I was feeling, I knew I had to take action and do something about it. That’s when I came to Mia. I had visited Mia some years previously, a friend had recommended her Crystal Healing. To be honest, it was more a visit of curiosity than necessity. However the time had come when I actually needed her assistance.

Mia has helped me in so many ways through a variety of mediums – giving me counsel when I needed direction and somebody to talk to, healing when I needed comfort and support and finally acupuncture to revitalize me and set me on my merry way again!

I cannot recommend Mia highly enough. I have benefitted greatly from her guidance and professional help. She is a woman that I would encourage everybody to attend for whatever little or large ailment or worry they may have. I guarantee you, that you will feel alive and invigorated after each appointment.

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